We are incredibly proud of the sellers we have on board. Our Bedford Flea, Affordable Art & Local Produce Market has been carefully curated to ensure we have variety without comprising on quality. These sellers may not be at every market at the same time, but we know what ever combination you find on a Sunday, you will not be disappointed!



A sprawling smorgasbord of sumptuous, second-hand QUALITY goods that fall under antiques, vintage, collectables, bric-a-brac & curiosities. Who knows what treasures you'll come home with!

At Bedford Flea, Affordable Art & Local Produce Market, quality is our middle name! Our vendors offer a selection of quality and one-of-a-kind products at prices you can’t compare. Since 2000, we’ve given vendors the chance to set up shop right here at our Flea Market — offering residents in the greater San Francisco area the chance to find all the products they seek at affordable rates. Browse through our products, and see what they have to offer!



Caution Vintage are suppliers in the finest vintage sportswear and
designer brands. They hand pick the best garments from branded sports
sweatshirts to american workwear, so there’s always something for
everyone. They believe wearing vintage clothing helps reduce our reliance
on the fast fashion industry which is so notoriously bad for the planet
and responsible for unethical working practices. Giving clothes a second
chance means we can all help to disrupt this cycle of harmful
manufacture. Brands they love include; Nike, Adidas, Carhartt, Burberry,
Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, amongst many more.



Jo is the owner of Felix & Flo’, a hobby that has grown into a business over the course of three years or so. The fabulous finds that she sells span a century (or so) from 1880 to 1980, and are all carefully chosen for their beauty, interest or desirability and, let’s face it, downright weirdness! Prices range from £5 to £100



Formally known as 4mation, the guys here are passionate about creating, upcycling and recycling items to adorn your home. They believe nothing is too broken and enjoy creating everything from furniture to soft furnishings from items that would otherwise end up in landfill.



Shirley makes beautiful quality cushions and lampshades and also enjoys reviving old furniture of all ages. Staining, painting, recovering, whatever she can do to give it a new lease of life, her favourite pieces to upcycle are vintage chairs and lampshades.



Kirsty & Zoe love French Vintage. They love the curious, the interesting and the forgotten treasures that can be found at the back of a barn, under the table of a vide Grenier or in a brocante on a dusty road. They personally source all of their stock and have acquired fabulous contacts in France that helps keeps their stock new and interesting.



Dexter from Retrospective has an array of kitchenalia, glass, ceramics and homewares showcasing bold, colourful and creative designs which feel as fresh today as they did fifty years ago from famous names like Hornsea, Poole and Denby. They also stock a number of more obscure designers and one-off pieces, perfect for attracting attention in your home.
Dexter also specialises in West German lava pottery; very fashionable and hugely collectable!



VIP Music are one of the foremost buyers of records and CDs in the UK. At the market they will have CD albums from just a £1 and lots of tables full of vinyl records from just £5.  VIP Music also organise Bedford Record Fair so they will be in Bedford’s Harpur Suite on 21st August alongside a whole load of other collectors. Their genre specialities are rock, soul, pop, indie, house & drum n bass.




Showcasing some of the best talent Bedfordshire has to offer! From fine art to illustration, photography to print making, abstract to realism.



Anna is a local artist specialising in wildlife and portraiture. She loves to paint bright, calm and accurate oil paintings but also adores the texture and detail she can get from pencil and charcoal. Anna works in her garden studio, making wonderful art for your homes.



Christian is a Bedford based designer who makes typologies from his own photographs. This involves groups of images ranged into a grid in Photoshop. He's captured natural elements like trees and skies but he also does studies of man-made objects. Christian has been making this style of art since 2010 and his work has been featured in Practical Photography magazine. Each piece he makes is made from his environment, resulting in unique pieces of art

Coded Storm - Maria Merridan.png


Maria Merridan is the exclusive artist and illustrator for Coded Storm, a British based, contemporary art studio, which specialises in original prints, cards and other hand-printed goods. Maria uses a variety of print methods to create her work, including; relief, mono and intaglio processes.
Thematically her artwork is inspired by her love of natural history, travel and science.



Daria is originally from Poland and has been living in Bedford since 2010. She is a Fine Art student currently finishing the final year of her BA course. Daria is mostly an abstract artist however she finds herself working in different styles (eg. portraiture) now and then to gather new and fresh ideas. She has developed her style in the last couple of years, working on canvas with acrylic paint and soft pastels. In her paintings Daria tries to capture the sense of her surroundings and celebrate the beauty of nature.



Darren is a Landscape and Nature Photographer, living in Marston Moretaine and taking inspiration from the local landscapes including tree plantations, rejuvenated heaths and man-made lakes and reservoirs. Darren's background in painting still influences his approach to photography today as he tries to capture the essence of a place, rather than to simply capture a photographic record of it. Alongside traditional approaches, creative photographic techniques - long exposures, intentional camera movement and multiple exposures - as well as Pinhole and 'toy' film cameras, all play a key part in his photography.



Laura Holmes is a Bedford born and bred designer and artist that mainly specialises in lino printing. Her work often features celestial elements as she's a self confessed geek for all things space.
Laura generally carves and prints what she loves (black is her happy colour) and the fact that people loves what she does makes all the faff that comes with running a small creative business worth it.

Laura runs this market alongside Talia Giles!



What Galia does makes her happy! When she sees the finished product, it's not a feeling of calm satisfaction that she has, but a happy-goosebumps-squeaking-and-shouting-from excitement sort of feeling. Galia set up Kapelki Art over 5 years ago to give her Grandfather's art a new life, to introduce it to new people and bring whimsical and colourful characters to everyday life. She uses whole illustrations and elements to create unique designs. It worked and Galia is very proud of her heritage and what she does. There is such a great variety of beautiful quality products in Kapelki Art's growing collection, with everything made in England.



Katie is an illustrator in Bedford. Her work is full of colourful layering and texture, influenced by a love of printmaking and often features lots of hand drawn typography.



Luanna Flammia is a contemporary artist based in Bedford. 
Luanna combines mixed media on canvas to create vivid abstract forms, often interpreted as landscapes. Her Mediterranean palette references her Italian culture whilst the context of her paintings are deeply rooted by connections within different types of relationships. 
A deeply personal and totally uncompromising commitment to the art of painting, leaving the mind to not dwell on the past, but share light to a previous experience.

Lucky Lobster.png


Jo creates linocuts, illustrations, homewares and cards. Her designs are inspired by her love of animals, the great outdoors and romance. All of Jo's designs are created in her studio fondly known as “The Lobster Pot”. All Lucky Lobster products are created in the UK.



Sara really wants you to feel you when you look at Sara Sayer, her artwork features colours and themes to uplift your mood so all you have to do is decide where to place them in your homes. A Bedford girl born and raised, Sara creates charming, nostalgic illustrations which speak to your memories and connections. Local, personalised or commissioned, celebrating your home and where you live will always be on her agenda.



West Country born, Sophie was brandishing pens and pencils at a young age. With no formal trading, she has developed her style through regular practice and an intuition for contrast and form. Working only in black pigment liner (ink), Sophie's drawings attempt to capture the expression of emotion through the body and moments of vulnerability and intimacy - celebrating the beauty of the human form.



Emily is a mosaic artist working from her garden studio in Ampthill, Beds. She designs and creates a huge variety of decorative mosaics for indoors and outdoors such as her popular rainbows, garden 'lollipops', glass teacups and cake artworks. Emily's designs incorporate vitreous glass, stained glass, beads, mirror, glass nuggets and found objects. Brighten a corner of your home or garden with a burst of vibrant colour and lift the spirits with a beautiful light-reflecting piece of mosaic art.



Talia's work is celebration of all things colour and shape. She creates intricate, geometric wildlife art that is designed digitally and then printed on archival quality paper up to giclée standard.

Talia runs this market alongside Laura from Holmes Sweet Holmes!




Cutting out the middleman bringing the freshly grown, seasonal ingredients directly to you.
As well as natures essentials, produce also includes food and drink items that are homemade by skilled artisans



Aroma & Co products are designed with simplicity in mind. It is important to them that each product is beautifully fragranced, and effortlessly fits into every home. All of their products are hand made by Sian and Kim, two sisters from Bedford, they combine their love of home fragrance with the nostalgic memories of making candles with their late father when they were young. Aroma & Co candles are hand poured in small batches in Bedford, using premium oils and products. They have carefully created a fragrance range which includes something for everyone's preference, from fruity and fresh to musky and masculine. They are all scents they are proud to be able to share with you.



Lee Farina of Badgers Artisan Foods Ltd is a producer of Artisan chilli products ranging from "mild to wild".
All of their products are made from locally grown Bedfordshire chillies. Badgers Artisan Foods offers a huge range of sauces, relishes, snacks and seasonings to help you to make some amazing meals! Lee also hosts a variety of chilli challenges from hot wings to "man vs food" chilli style challenges.

Bevistan Dairy.png


Bevistan Dairy (Bev & Steve aka Stan) are double dairy farmers in Carlton Bedfordshire. Their Cows milk goes directly to a dairy for processing, but all of their Sheep milk is processed in house and turned into wonderful Cheese, Yoghurt and Bottled Milk. All of Bevistan's products are pasteurised and they use vegetarian rennet in their cheese. The yoghurt is natural so you can eat it on its own or mix it with whatever you fancy. They also have a range of Ewe’Scream Ice Cream which is made for them by The Willen Ice Cream Co.



Bunty's Bakes is a small family run company based in Milton Ernest, Beds. It was created on the weekend of Mother's Day in March 2019. They produce hand-baked cakes, scones, brownies and other bakes fresh from their home kitchen. The cakes from Bunty's Bakes contain no additives or preservatives and are baked fresh each day in small batches.



Companion's motto is Honest Bread, Honest Lives.
Honest Bread: They bake delicious sourdough real bread and treats in Bedford. Real Bread is made slowly from just flour, water, salt and yeast, with no additives – in contrast to industrial supermarket bread.
Honest Lives: In the bakery they train and support ex-offenders to resettle effectively into our local communities and not reoffend.
Companions believe that Real Bread fosters health and wellbeing; and we believe that honesty (with self and others) is the best way to reach a more fulfilling life.
They are based in the bakery behind The Gallery Cafe, 7 Howard Street, Bedford, MK40 3HS.

Fire Nest Candles.png


Will and Phoebe are the owners of small business Fire Nest Candles. Candle making has been their passion from making at home in their kitchen in small batches to getting their own workshop in Kempston. All of their candles are hand poured using the highest quality soy wax and using unique fragrances that give off the strongest aromas that fill your home. Fire Nest candles are perfectly finished with sustainable wooden wicks and are decorated with natural dried botanicals that are designed to perfectly suit the fragrance associated. They also hand make soy wax melts, reed diffusers, bath salts and more.

Foxy X Beerfly.png


Foxy Wings are - Tim (founder of Beerfly), Jamie, Gabs and Matt. They started in October 2020 from their home kitchen making fried flavour bombs in the form of chicken wings, strips or caulliwings. Each wing is brined, rubbed in a gluten and dairy-free coating and fried to be moist and juicy with big flavour sauces- favourites include Sriracha Honey and Espresso BBQ. Foxy are building a growing community of local wing lovers and they are now crowdfunding to open their first restaurant and craft beer bar on the riverside development. They are building this business on values they believe in- and are keen to do as much ‘good’ business as they can.



They specialise in unbelievable vegan and dairy free fudge with extensive gluten free
and nut free flavours too.
Fuuudge is made to order in small batches and hand whisked for FIFTEEN minutes to give it that moreish texture and uncompromising flavour!
Fuuudge is not just for vegans and is the only way to level up your treat game.



GCH Fishmongers are a family owned and run business based in the heart of Bedford, with over 60 years’ experience.  There is nothing their award-winning fishmongers don’t know about fish. Each morning they deal with a range of people from fish wholesalers to boat owners, all over the UK. This ensures they have the best quality fish and shellfish available to their very loyal customer base! 
As a business, GCH Fishmongers has represented the UK fishing industry all over the UK as well as in Spain, Norway, and Canada.



Harrold Calvados Society was established in 2003 to make cider in the villages of Harrold and Carlton....for many years their Brewmeisters toiled, finally emerging, blinking into the light, clasping the golden nectar that is....Lambasted.
It really is a wonderful, locally made brew, with a growing and loyal following. An important factor is that they don’t do this for profit, they do it for fun, and over the years their charitable donations have become a bigger focus for them. Harrold Calvados are happy to have been able to give over £30,000 to small and local charities.



Hay Lane Flowers are a mother and son team, Jane and Jack, who run a flower farm located in Stagsden, Beds. On the farm they grow a wide range of seasonal, high quality flowers for the cut flower trade. Jane and Jack sell their products via several outlets, including a self-serve roadside flower shed at the farm. Hay Lane Flowers are passionate about British, when you buy British you get the freshest possible blooms, often scented and very different from mass grown imported flowers. They are proud members of Flowers From The Farm and Bedfordshire Flower Farms group.



Sharron Jenkins is the founder of Kalabash Bodycare. She creates a range of Caribbean inspired, award-winning palm free artisan soap, skincare products, plus a collection of soy wax candles fragranced with pure essential oils which evoke Caribbean escapism and calm. 

Kalabash products are vegan friendly and celebrate Sharron's West Indian heritage.  The Caribbean’s abundant natural resources, rich culture, breath-taking landscapes and vibrant tropical plant biodiversity are key influences. 
Everything is made by hand in small batches from her home studio just outside Bedford using exotic, high quality 100% natural ingredients which are ethically sourced, toxin free and sustainably packaged in stylish recyclable or reusable packaging.



Morgan Pell Meats are mainly grassland farmers from North Bedfordshire and have been selling their predominately grass fed beef and lamb on various Farmer's Markets and at the farm gate since 1999 and they were the last stall remaining of the Bedford Farmers Market until December 2019! They use a small abattoir 7 miles up the road in Kimbolton, keeping food miles low. Morgan Pell's farm now includes their two sons as partners and that gives their business the added enthusiasm of youth and some interesting debates! They are particularly proud of their environmental credentials with a particular interest in conserving their flower meadows, hedges and woods.



Nutcellars are a family run macadamia nut focused brand with a mission of bringing smallholder farmed nuts to the UK and global market. They are also on a mission to educate and inspire the world about the infinite uses of this special nut - the Nutcellar range continues to expand as they have used this Covid year for much experimentation and creation of new products almost weekly!



Nisha has been baking (and eating them) for as long as she can remember. The Big Whisk was born in December 19 but came to her true form in the pandemic. Nisha wanted to ensure that when she started her small business, it was to cater to everyone. She wanted to offer the free-from community something decadent and delicious to enjoy without having to compromise on flavour and limitations. The Big Whisk has something for everyone.

Willen Ice Cream Company-2.png


Richard Gordon's love for ice cream started at a very young age, when as a non-milk drinker his mum encouraged his calcium intake by offering him ice cream instead. Imagine his joy when his mum said one day, “there is ice cream in the freezer; you can eat as much as you like!”

Richard's love for ice cream continued and in 2017 The Willen Ice Cream Company was created! Today they are a family run business that produces and sells award winning artisan ice cream.

Their mission is simple: They hand-craft premium artisan ice creams using the finest and, where possible, locally sourced natural ingredients.




Willow Tree Distillery is Bedfordshire’s first and only distillery and home of the award-winning Willow Tree Gin. Founded in 2016, they started distilling the gin at Mary’s family farm. Earlier this year they moved to Trumpetons Farm, allowing them to open up their distillery to their wonderful customers. The Distillery also has the shop, an outside bar area and will soon be available to book for gin making experiences, cocktail making and bar hire. Willow Tree Gin is a premium spirit made from the highest quality ingredients and distilled in small batches in a true craft fashion. It’s smooth, sweet, fresh and citrusy with a unique smokey character and richness.



Yellow Sunshine sell freshly marinated olives which they marinate weekly on a Friday. They also sell home made hummus, baklava and vegan Turkish Delight made using corn starch in lots of different flavours that look divine! Wase & Eli's produce goes down well at every market they do and they are extremely proud of their family run business!




FatCap are a local smokehouse that produces classic Texas style bbq and other Southern dishes, they are located in the heart of Bedford just behind the High Street.